What will happen if the liquid nitrogen supply tank does not open the empty valve?

2023-12-20 09:20:42

A liquid nitrogen container with a valve is a liquid nitrogen supply tank capable of low-pressure infusion. The valves are equivalent to the “members” of the general control center. They perform their own duties so that liquid nitrogen can be output efficiently without causing subsequent troubles. The boost valve in the valve is the main pressure booster, the vent valve is the main pressure relief, and the liquid inlet and outlet valves are the openings for the output and entry of liquid nitrogen.

When replenishing liquid nitrogen, close the vent valve of the liquid nitrogen supply tank and then open the boost valve;

After the rehydration is completed, close the boost valve and open the vent valve!

Therefore, as the title asks, what will happen if the emptying valve of the liquid nitrogen supply tank is not opened? There are two situations to look at. When pressurizing the infusion, there is really no need to open it, because it is a pressure relief valve. Opening it will increase the pressure slowly. Can’t even supercharge.

If you have replenished other liquid nitrogen containers and have closed the booster valve, the liquid nitrogen output has stopped, and the liquid outlet valve has been closed. In this case, the emptying valve is not opened, which will result in residual liquid nitrogen in the pipeline. If it cannot be discharged, external heat and moisture will also enter the pipe. As soon as they combine, the water vapor freezes when it encounters liquid nitrogen, blocking the pipes, and the heat encounters liquid nitrogen and vaporizes and pressurizes.

No matter which situation occurs, it will affect subsequent use. After all, it takes time to blow out the ice blockage. If the pipeline congestion is not blown away, the liquid nitrogen cannot be discharged; the gasification and boosting may activate the safety valve to exhaust itself, which will affect the liquid nitrogen. The service life of the supply tank is unfavorable.

It can also be deduced from this that in a static state, if the air valve is not opened, ice blockage or internal pressurization will still occur!

Therefore, please pay special attention! Don’t let improper operation affect the working efficiency and effective use time of your liquid nitrogen supply tank!

What will happen if the liquid nitrogen supply tank does not open the empty valve