When should bull semen storage tanks be replenished with liquid nitrogen?

2023-06-05 09:38:53

In farms, pastures or other animal husbandry, it is common to see a type of metal insulation tank with a white appearance.

They are bull semen storage tanks! Also a cow insemination tank! It is used for the preservation of bull semen and artificial insemination of cows.

Its principle is to put bull semen into a double-bladder vacuum insulation tank filled with liquid nitrogen, and use liquid nitrogen to store it at a low temperature of -196°C. Therefore, the liquid nitrogen content in the container is very important!

Under normal circumstances, when the bull semen is just put into the liquid nitrogen storage tank, it is in a full state, and the liquid nitrogen is completely submerged in the semen;

With use, the natural evaporation of liquid nitrogen is inevitable, and the liquid inside the bull semen storage tank decreases. At a certain point, it needs to be replenished. How much is this point? When should the semen storage tank be replenished with liquid nitrogen?

In view of the preciousness and market value of sperm, the manufacturer of KGSQ suggests that when the liquid nitrogen in the semen storage tank of the bull cannot cover the frozen fine tube, it is necessary to immediately arrange for rehydration! Because semen organisms are more sensitive to temperature than other samples, slightly larger temperature fluctuations may directly affect activity, lose breeding value, and cause economic losses.

The frozen semen in the bull semen storage tank is actually near the bottom of the tank. As the liquid nitrogen evaporates, the temperature of the upper part of the container will gradually rise. When the liquid nitrogen cannot cover the sample, the remaining liquid nitrogen is far below the total capacity of the tank. , I am afraid that it cannot support the low temperature environment of the entire tank, causing temperature fluctuations above the liquid nitrogen level, and the semen that is not submerged is extremely vulnerable.

Therefore, KGSQ suggests: when liquid nitrogen cannot cover the sample, liquid nitrogen should be added to the bull semen storage tank!

When should bull semen storage tanks be replenished with liquid nitrogen