Where is the pressure relief of the Ln2 supply tank?

2024-02-28 09:28:31

Generally speaking, the booster device will have a pressure relief design to ensure personnel safety;

This is common in all industries. No matter the pressure of the equipment or what category it belongs to, if there is pressure, there will be a pressure relief setting. Even if it is a ln2 supply tank with a working pressure within 0.1MPa, it is a liquid nitrogen container that is left standing without pressure on a daily basis!

Then do you know where the pressure relief part of the ln2 supply tank is?

That’s right, right at the top valve group, within the armrest circle;

More specifically, the valve on the liquid nitrogen supply tank is called the “vent valve”, which is gray in color!

This valve is named “vent”. It is not only a pressure relief valve, but also a valve that blocks the entry of external air!

When it is opened, it is similar to the exhaust port + neck plug design of the YDS liquid nitrogen tank. It does not allow external heat to enter, but also gives an outlet for the naturally vaporized liquid nitrogen in the container, preventing gas from accumulating in the ln2 supply tank to form pressure. , continuously increasing the loss of liquid nitrogen, causing safety risks that the pressure may exceed the limit, and protecting the users.

Therefore, it is open most of the time and must be closed only when pressurized output of liquid nitrogen is required. However, it must be opened immediately after pressurized infusion to prevent external moist air from entering and combining with the residual liquid nitrogen in the pipeline to condense. Ice, causing a blockage, and it will have to be left on until the next time the liquid nitrogen is replenished!

Now, everyone should know where the pressure relief part of the ln2 supply tank is located and what its function is!

Where is the pressure relief of the Ln2 supply tank