Which liquid nitrogen container to choose for laboratory cryogenic sample storage?

2023-04-17 09:05:40

Cryogenic samples, so called because it needs to be stored below 0°C, otherwise proliferation and division are accelerated and cannot be used for experimental research or put into clinical care.

There are two ways to store cryogenic samples in the laboratory today: freezers and liquid nitrogen containers! The two ways more with the use of the freezer for pre-cooling, after cooling into the liquid nitrogen containers for long-term preservation!

For long-term storage, you should choose a suitable cryogenic liquid nitrogen container!

Among so many laboratory liquid nitrogen containers, which one is the right one for laboratory cryogenic sample storage?

Again, you cannot choose blindly from the sample itself!

It should be the cryogenic sample storage needs what kind of environment will give it which kind of liquid nitrogen container!

If, for example, the number of cryogenic sample storage is huge, such as the sample library to establish the use, it is optional gas-phase liquid nitrogen containers, 350 liters or more large models, in order to meet the bulk of sample storage, and is the gas phase preservation, no cross-contamination, good management.

If cryogenic sample storage requires submersion in liquid nitrogen, then choose the laboratory series of liquid nitrogen tanks, like KGSQ, based on the number of cryogenic sample storage and different user requirements, the introduction of the laboratory series of tanks 30-175 liters, with 125mm, 210mm large diameter, in line with the scientific research places in the storage of cryogenic samples to take frequent, more convenient to take the requirements, with lyophilization rack or bucket to use.

Specific model selection will be based on the number of stored samples to determine the amount of low-temperature sample storage that is about 30 liters, the larger 65 liters, the larger 100 liters or more can meet.

Of course, if they are not good to determine, a better way is to consult the manufacturer’s online customer service assistance!

Which liquid nitrogen container to choose for laboratory cryogenic sample storage