Which liquid nitrogen tank is suitable for vapor phase refrigeration of cells?

2024-01-26 10:27:43

There are two types of liquid nitrogen tanks according to storage mode: liquid phase and vapor phase;

The liquid phase soaks the sample, and the vapor phase does not soak but uses liquid nitrogen “cooling”. Both methods can be used for cell storage.

It’s just that different experimental subjects require different storage methods. Some cells require a storage environment of -196°C. If others are not considered, then the liquid phase is naturally selected. But if you are going to use vapor-phase cold storage for cells, or if it is more reliable to store these cells in vapor phase, you need to decide which one to choose first, because there are two types of liquid nitrogen tanks for vapor-phase cold storage: YDD and Cryobank!

Which of the two is more suitable?

In fact, as far as the model is concerned, they are all suitable!

Both types also come with intelligent monitoring and management systems, which can control automatic fluid replenishment and have abnormal prompt functions!

Therefore, what really matters when choosing which one to choose is the number of cells and which model is more compatible with it!

If your cells are only for experimental research and the number does not exceed 6,000, within 2,400-6,000, there is no doubt that Cryobank small vapor phase liquid nitrogen tanks, with 4 models of 65 liters, 95 liters, 145 and 175 liters, are sufficient. . The capital investment is not as huge as that of YDD, and whether there is enough space in the laboratory must also be considered.

But if you are building and using a large laboratory or sample bank, such as a stem cell bank, and the number of samples exceeds 10,000, and will continue to increase in the future, cryobank does not meet the requirements, and you can only choose YDD vapor phase liquid nitrogen tanks, 350-1800 liters The capacity is about 10,000-100,000 samples, and the final model can be determined according to different quantities.

All in all, no matter what kind of liquid nitrogen tank or storage mode, it must be dominated by the needs of the cells. If the cells want to be refrigerated in the vapor phase, give them a liquid nitrogen container in the vapor phase mode, and then compare the quantity with the actual storage, so that there will be no container and The sample demand does not match, and the exchange of goods back and forth also causes problems such as capital loss and labor loss, which affects the progress.

Which liquid nitrogen tank is suitable for vapor phase refrigeration of cells