Which liquid nitrogen tank is used for cryogenic sample storage?

2023-02-22 10:07:49

The use of liquid nitrogen tanks can be simply summarized into two types, low temperature storage and cold treatment;

Low-temperature storage is for samples, such as long-term storage of cells, frozen semen, vaccines, and strains;

There are many cold treatments, such as industrial cold assembly, gourmet food, and beauty spots, etc.!

The most commonly used method is to store samples at low temperature, and freeze cells or semen for experimental research or animal breeding.

We know that there are many types and models of liquid nitrogen tanks, and the capacity and caliber are different, so which one should we choose when storing low-temperature samples?

If cells and semen are stored and the quantity is not large, a small volume and small diameter liquid nitrogen tank can be selected, such as 10 liters of 50mm;

If a large number of cells and semen are stored at low temperature, it is necessary to use a larger capacity, such as 30 liters;

If the volume of the sample is large and the quantity is large, liquid nitrogen tanks with a diameter of 80, 125 or even 210mm should be considered!

In order to better meet the needs of users, KGSQ divides liquid nitrogen tanks into storage type and transportation type according to their uses, and also subdivides them into two types: semen storage and laboratory cryopreservation cells, which can be found suitable for different scenarios.

Which liquid nitrogen tank is used for cryogenic sample storage