Why cell bank are stored in vapor phase in ln2 container

2022-08-08 09:28:46

Ln2 container occupies an important position in the field of cell storage due to the cryogenic temperature of -196 °C.

The Ln2 container can be subdivided into liquid form and gas phase form.

The liquid phase directly freezes the samples in liquid nitrogen,

The gas phase uses liquid nitrogen and does not use it directly, but uses the evaporated liquid nitrogen vapor for freezing.

Either form is acceptable, but if the cell bank is to be frozen, it will usually be stored in the gas phase in the ln2 container!

why is that?

Why is the cell bank stored in the ln2 container in the gas phase and not in the liquid phase?

Because taking into account both sample management and safety!

Cell banks are numerous and samples are precious, and management is much more complicated and error-prone than other cell samples.

The gas phase ln2 container has a quality monitoring and management system, which can manage samples and monitor abnormalities, and has an alarm function.

Sample management includes storage management and data management:

Storage management allows samples to be stored in different categories. 4 to 6 partitions can be selected according to the number of samples, and cells can be stored in different categories.

Each area has a corresponding label. Using the label as an index can quickly locate the sample position, and it is convenient to take and store.

Data management can collect cell operation data, internal temperature of ln2 container, abnormal events, etc., which is convenient for subsequent analysis.

In terms of safety, the liquid nitrogen in the gas phase does not come into contact with the sample, so there is no risk of tube burst and cross-contamination;

Automatic rehydration, there will be no problem of liquid nitrogen running out and unsafe samples, and automatically responding to replenishment needs;

Alarm function, support local and remote, handle abnormal situations at any time!

That’s why the cell bank is stored in the ln2 container in gas phase!