Why choose dry shipper containers for aircraft transfer samples?

2023-05-29 10:20:55

Sample transfer is a common problem for researchers,

For short distances between cities, you can drive by yourself; for long distances, you need to use transportation, such as airplanes.

But we know that liquid nitrogen is required for sample transfer, and cryogenic liquids such as liquid nitrogen cannot pass the security check.

How to do it?

In response to user needs, many brands have designed “dry shipper containers“, and the same is true for KGSQ liquid nitrogen tanks!

Why is it recommended to choose this dry consignment container for air transport samples?

Because it can use liquid nitrogen gas phase to preserve biological samples, and also supports liquid phase storage!

The internal structure of the dry shipper container, in addition to the vacuum between the inner and outer double tanks, filled with heat insulation materials, also has a metal adsorption layer, which can adsorb the liquid nitrogen in the container to the inner wall.

When in use, first fill the container with liquid nitrogen, and pour out the excess liquid nitrogen after the adsorption is completed. Looking in from the mouth of the tank, there are only cryotubes/boxes containing samples, and there is no liquid nitrogen. After passing the security check, there is no need to worry about the turbulence caused by the airflow of the plane, which will cause liquid nitrogen to overflow and hurt people.

During the transfer process, the liquid nitrogen adsorbed by the tank wall will naturally volatilize, forming a low-temperature gas phase space in the dry shipper container, ensuring that the samples are transferred at low temperature all the way and arrive safely.

That’s why dry shipper containers are the choice for aircraft transfer samples!

Why choose dry shipper containers for aircraft transfer samples