Why do flake ice machines need to add salt water?

2022-08-29 09:28:04

Flake ice machines are divided into fresh water type and sea water type, and the ice making methods are also different for different water sources;

Sea water flake ice machine is installed on fishing boats, sea water ice making, sea water cooling;

The fresh water flake ice machine is a little more everyday, but one thing is that a certain proportion of salt water needs to be added when making ice. Of course, this concentration is lower than that of sea water.

Why do flake ice machines need to add salt water?

There are two reasons:

1.In order to reduce the hardness of the ice, let the ice be easily scraped off by the ice blade.

2.Adding an appropriate amount of salt greatly improves the quality of the borneol, making the borneol easier to shape and easy to cut. After adding salt water, the noise when scraping ice is lower, reducing friction and protecting the equipment, and it is more energy-saving.

If you don’t add salt water, there is a high probability that the flake ice machine will make a harsh sound when it is iced.

Moreover, the flake ice with salt is suitable in size, more beautiful, easy to fall off, and can reduce power consumption.

Never add salt water, there will be harsh sound, and the ice flakes are not easy to form. We can also check whether the flake ice machine has added salt, and easily solve the problem of ice not forming + harsh sound!

Finally, add the salt method:

Click the start button to start the flake ice machine, add salt according to the proportion, then fill the brine bucket with salt water to mix evenly, after that, put the brine pump into the liquid pipeline of the brine bucket, and the salt is added!

Why do flake ice machines need to add salt water