Why do nitrogen containers below 10 liters have single handles?

2024-06-24 09:43:41

There are different types of liquid nitrogen containers, which users are well aware of;

If you want to store biological samples, you will choose the YDS series nitrogen container; but if you want to replenish liquid nitrogen yourself, you will choose a pressurized liquid nitrogen tank; if you want to transport samples by plane, you will use a dry shipper container. In short, all kinds of needs can be met.

Some careful users will also observe that in addition to slight differences in appearance and structure for different usage categories, this situation will also occur with the same usage. For example, the handle part of the nitrogen container, below 10 liters, including 10 liters, has a single handle, and above 10 liters has double handles located on both sides of the container opening. Why is this?


Because of their purpose!

Nitrogen containers below 10 liters can be used to store liquid nitrogen alone or liquid nitrogen + sample storage. Its user range covers mole and spot removal in clinics and dermatology departments of hospitals, sperm collection and temporary storage in animal husbandry and breeding industry, liquid nitrogen gourmet production, and industrial precision parts freezing.

Except for animal husbandry, these uses all require taking out a small amount of liquid nitrogen for use, and only use liquid nitrogen, rather than putting the sample directly into a nitrogen container and then covering it with a stopper for long-term preservation. For animal husbandry semen collection, it is necessary to go deep into the mountainous area, and it is not convenient to carry a double-handled jar. A single-handled jar is more labor-saving and can be carried by one person.

These requirements all require nitrogen containers to be more portable, so that they can be easily moved around or poured out for use. Therefore, the container capacity should not be too large, and the diameter should not be too large. The important thing is that the container can be easily moved indoors and outdoors. Of course, only a single handle is convenient.

However, a single handle can only be used with liquid nitrogen containers below 10 liters. For larger capacity containers, the single handle has limited load-bearing capacity and is dangerous to use. Therefore, models of 15 liters and above all have double handles.

Now, everyone knows!

Why do nitrogen containers below 10 liters have single handles