Why does flake ice machine sum up ice?

2022-05-13 10:05:19

Making ice with a flake ice machine is a normal phenomenon and its work, but what should I do if the outer surface of the flake ice machine in use is always frosted, but it does not actually affect the ice making? Do you want to deal with it?

Still the same sentence, “specific problems, specific analysis”, icing should also be analyzed according to the location of the icing.

Summary of ice or water droplets on the surface of the flake ice machine is actually related to the environment where the flake ice machine is located!

Reason 1: Air

Because of the high humidity in the air, there is a certain temperature difference between the flake ice machine and the flake ice machine, which will form fog-like condensation on the surface of the machine. This kind of thing only needs to be wiped dry.

Reason 2: Temperature

This mainly refers to the freezing at the back of the inner tank of the flake ice machine.

If this is the problem with your flake ice machine, it’s actually caused by cold room work.

When the temperature in the normal refrigerator room is lower than 0 degrees, a little water vapor will freeze or condense into water droplets. As long as the flake ice machine stops working, the ice will melt automatically.

Next time you encounter the problem that the flake ice machine suddenly freezes, everyone knows what to do!

Why does flake ice machine sum up ice