Why doesn’t the snowflake ice maker make ice? How to do?

2022-07-13 10:00:31

Snowflake ice machine, a refrigeration machine that can make granular crushed ice, which is often used in laboratories as ice baths.

Sometimes after continuous high-intensity ice making, the snowflake ice machine that is restarted again produces no ice.

As a user, how do you judge whether the non-ice making is because the ice making does not remove the ice, or the ice is not made at all?

To judge whether ice is made or not, you can look at the compressor and the water pump. If they have been working and the ice cubes continue to thicken, it means that the ice is not de-icing; otherwise, the compressor or water pump is faulty, that is, it is not making ice!

The reason for the ice making and not taking off the ice may be the fault of the water temperature measuring probe of the snowflake ice maker, the intelligent control system cannot effectively sense the water temperature and work, the misjudgment program is wrong, or the controller is faulty.

What should I do if the snowflake ice maker does not remove the ice?

Use a multimeter to measure the resistance of the water temperature probe. If the resistance is above 27K, the controller is judged to be broken and should be replaced; way to adjust the resistance value between 27-28K.

Why doesn't the snowflake ice maker make ice? How to do?