Will an empty cryogenic liquid nitrogen container lying down or upside down damage the vacuum level?

2022-12-19 09:16:21

Cryogenic liquid nitrogen tanks are containers that place great emphasis on vacuum.

The higher the vacuum level, the longer the liquid nitrogen storage time and the lower the daily liquid nitrogen evaporation!

It is also very afraid of violent transport and vigorous collision of the container!

Because vacuum requires consistent pressure inside and outside the tank, bumping can upset this “balance”.

Therefore, the use of cryogenic liquid nitrogen containers have always been noted to maintain “vertical placement” and placed on a flat surface.

What about the non-use state?

When there is no need to store samples in cryogenic liquid nitrogen containers for a certain period of time, is it possible to store the tanks upside down or lying down after cleaning them? Will this damage the vacuum of the tank?

It is not recommended to put upside down or lying down, such practices are likely to damage the vacuum of the jar!

As stated earlier, the vacuum of a cryogenic liquid nitrogen vessel requires consistent internal and external pressures to be maintained.

If it is placed prone, the liquid nitrogen container is less supported at the bottom, and the round barrel shape makes it easy to roll.

Once the container rolls up it is very uncontrollable, if it accidentally hits a hard object, causing the canister to dent and the pressure difference between inside and outside appears, the vacuum level will be greatly reduced, or even scrapped.

In order to keep the balance of the liquid nitrogen container, the manufacturer has equipped it with a “base” to support the tank body and keep it in balance.

Therefore, even if the cryogenic liquid nitrogen container is empty, it is recommended to let it “stand upright”!

Will an empty cryogenic liquid nitrogen container lying down or upside down damage the vacuum level