CryoBank Series, Small liquid phase liquid nitrogen tank

The small vapor-liquid phase liquid nitrogen tank is compatible with both gas phase and liquid phase storage modes, and the storage method is flexible.

Made of aluminum alloy, it is small in size, light in weight and large in capacity, which can meet the gas-phase storage requirements of small-capacity samples. Through the intelligent control system, the system can realize real-time temperature monitoring, liquid level monitoring, automatic backup of monitoring data, remote monitoring and alarm, automatic liquid replenishment and other functions.

This series of liquid nitrogen tanks is mainly used for sample storage in low-temperature environments such as biomedicine and biological sample banks.



  • 1It has two storage modes of gas phase and liquid phase, which can realize gas phase storage at the top of the tank below -190°C;
  • 2Using capacitive liquid level sensor, it can automatically monitor the liquid level in real time;
  • 3Intelligent control and display system can realize temperature monitoring and real-time display of liquid nitrogen consumption;
  • 4Multiple vacuum insulation structures and hot gas bypass design to achieve better internal temperature uniformity and stability;
  • 5With automatic liquid nitrogen replenishment system, the use is more stable, safe and reliable;
  • 6It has the function of sound and light alarm for abnormal temperature, liquid level and other indicators;
  • 7Optional remote alarm functions such as voice, SMS, WeChat, and email;
  • 8Optional intelligent cloud data backup system function;


model CRYOBIN 2400 CRYOBIN 3600 CRYOBIN 4800 CRYOBIN 6000
Maximum storage capacity
Number of square pails 6 6 6 6
2.0 ml cryovial quantity 2400 3600 4800 6000
layers 4 6 8 10
volume (L) 65 95 145 175
Static evaporation rate (L/d) 1.5L 1.5L 1.5L 1.5L
Unit Dimensions
Caliber (mm) 216 216 216 216
Total height without controller 700 860 1020 1130
Outer diameter (mm) 678 678 678 678
Net weight (kg) (excluding wooden box) 47 58 63 71


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