YDS Series, Transport Type


Choose it if you have sample transfer and transportation needs!

Compared with the static storage type, the KGSQ transport liquid nitrogen tank is equipped with three-side support at the bottom of the inner tank, which reduces the damage to the inner tank caused by road bumps, absorbs the force on the neck tube, and minimizes the damage caused by poor road quality before transportation. The container is not fixed well, causing damage to the sample, or the danger caused by the dumping of the liquid nitrogen tank.

This series is suitable for various models, cars, trucks, vans, etc. transport samples with liquid nitrogen! However, it cannot be carried on high-speed rail or plane. If you need to use public transportation to transfer, please refer to the steam dry shipper!



  • Optional transport casters
  • Numbered index canisters location
  • CE certification
  • Five-year vacuum warranty
  • Optional safety lock cover to prevent unauthorized opening
  • The internal support structure ensures the stability and safety of the tank during transportation
  • Equipped with a protective cover to prevent the product from being bumped during use
liquid nitrogen transport container


model Volume(L) Caliber(mm) Outer diameter(mm) Total height Static evaporation rate (L/day) Static liquid nitrogen storage period (d) lock cover protective case
YDS-10B 10.48 50 334 565 0.2 52
YDS-15B 16.4 50 385 600 0.2 82
YDS-20B 21.45 50 385 660 0.2 107
YDS-30B 31.5 50 440 720 0.2 158
YDS-35B 35.2 50 440 720 0.2 176
YDS-50B 52.1 50 516 790 0.24 217
YDS-50B-80 52.1 80 516 790 0.32 162
YDS-50B-125 52.1 130 516 790 0.45 115
YDS-50B-210 52.1 216 516 790 0.73 70
1. The geometric volume/height/outer diameter/diameter and other values stated in the table are actual measured values. Due to the influence of measuring equipment/environment and other factors, there may be errors, and the error range does not exceed ±3%.
2. Static liquid nitrogen storage period: Under standard conditions (atmospheric pressure 101.325 kPa, ambient temperature 20 ℃), after the container is filled with liquid nitrogen, pre-cooled and reached thermal equilibrium, and the liquid nitrogen filling rate reaches 100%, it is placed statically until the liquid nitrogen The number of days until all evaporation occurs.
3. Static evaporation rate: After the container is left standing to reach thermal equilibrium under the specified filling rate, the mass of liquid nitrogen lost by natural evaporation within 24 hours is the percentage of the mass of liquid nitrogen contained in the effective volume of the inner tank, converted to the standard state (atmospheric pressure Evaporation rate value at 101.325 kPa, ambient temperature 20℃).


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