What are the characteristics of cell storage tanks for laboratory use?

2022-10-31 09:28:44

Liquid nitrogen tanks for biological sample banking, an indispensable piece of equipment for the establishment of laboratory cell banks.

Therefore, it can also be called a cell storage tank.

It is designed and manufactured according to the national standard GB/T14174-2012, what are the characteristics?

What are the features of the cell storage tanks?

1.Provide safe and reliable deep cryogenic storage system

For high-volume cell cryopreservation, first, the temperature fluctuation should be small, second, the supply of low temperature should be sufficient, and third, it should be safe enough.

The cell storage tank for laboratory use adopts the gas phase freezing and storage mode, and is supplied with low temperature by evaporating liquid nitrogen. Under the combined effect of vacuum adiabatic structure and electronic temperature control and liquid nitrogen dispersion technology, it has the advantage that the temperature is lower than -150℃ for 48 hours with the lid open, and the low temperature can be guaranteed for about 20 days even if the liquid nitrogen supply is cut off.

Its internal temperature is stepped, with almost no fluctuation within the temperature zone and little influence by the amount of liquid nitrogen.

At the same time, the sample is not in contact with liquid nitrogen, so there is no risk of tube burst and cross-contamination.

2.Made of stainless steel, corrosion resistant

Unlike liquid nitrogen tanks require high material strength, light quality in the mobile, cell storage tanks easily do not move, the need for high strength materials while corrosion resistance, insulation, a comprehensive comparison of 304 stainless steel more suitable, the surface is polished brushed treatment more atmospheric.

3.Fully automatic rehydration

The cell storage tank for laboratory use comes with an intelligent monitoring and management system, which is configured with functions such as automatic rehydration, sample management, data collection, and alarm.

Among them, automatic liquid replenishment can be completed by pre-setting the replenishment height and stopping the replenishment height, without manual calculation and operation. It can also display the liquid level height in real time and carry out liquid level alarm, etc.

In addition to the above features, the cell storage tank also supports dual mode parallelism, i.e., both liquid phase and gas phase operation, allowing both immersion storage and preservation with gas phase, which can be selected according to the sample.

What are the characteristics of cell storage tanks for laboratory use