How to clean the gas phase liquid nitrogen tank?

2022-04-06 09:46:39

Small storage tanks have the advantages of small storage tanks, and large storage tanks have the troubles of large storage tanks! Users who like the gas-phase liquid nitrogen tank because of its large capacity are often troubled by its cleaning. The volume is large and it is not easy to move; the jar is too deep and it is difficult to bottom out; there are many internal storage areas and it is not easy to clean… etc., but in fact, it is easy to find the right way to clean. Let’s talk about how to clean the gas phase liquid nitrogen tank?

First, set a cycle

It is recommended to clean it once every 1 to 2 years. Of course, users can customize the washing cycle as appropriate.

The reason for this recommendation is that due to the low temperature inside the gas-phase liquid nitrogen tank, the humid gas will accumulate into ice particles year by year, which will adhere to the inner wall, so regular cleaning is necessary.

Second, Cleaning steps

1. Before washing, transfer the straws or ampoules stored in the container to other containers, discharge all the liquid nitrogen, and wait for the liner to return to normal temperature.

2. After recovery, use a neutral detergent aqueous solution to clean the container tray and bottom. After the cleaning is completed, dry the residual water with a soft towel.

3. Then use an electric blower to blow hot air (temperature not higher than 50°C) into the container from the liquid nitrogen inlet port for drying.

At this point, the cleaning of the gas-phase liquid nitrogen tank has been completed. After the tank is completely dry, it can be filled with liquid nitrogen and then put into the sample.

How to clean the gas phase liquid nitrogen tank