Why does the flake ice machine not automatically fill the water

2022-04-29 09:28:47

Have you ever encountered this kind of problem, bought a flake ice machine, after a long period of efficient ice making, one day suddenly found that it does not make ice.

After the inspection, it was because the water was not filled. You manually added water to make ice normally, so you know that this is because the flake ice machine will not automatically fill the water.

But how to solve this problem?

According to Tianchi’s past experience, the reasons why the flake ice machine does not automatically feed water include water pump failure, water inlet solenoid valve failure, and water pipe blockage.

1.First check whether there is water in the pipeline, if there is water in the pipeline, but there is no automatic water supply, it is likely that the water inlet solenoid valve is faulty, the water inlet valve cannot be opened, and the water cannot enter.

The solution is to replace the water inlet valve.

2.Check whether the pipeline is blocked by scale, and the pipeline cannot go up if the water is blocked. The solution is to clean the pipeline to remove the scale.

To avoid this problem again, you can add a filter to the water inlet, because the water quality on your side may not be very good.

3. If there are no problems with the first two, then the water pump is broken.

There are many reasons that need to be investigated, which should be judged based on your own flake ice machine.

Why does the flake ice machine not automatically fill the water