What are liquid nitrogen containers made of?

2022-09-28 09:49:50

The containers used for liquid nitrogen storage are called “liquid nitrogen containers“!

The liquid nitrogen container is designed based on the Dewar vacuum jacket principle, with a multi-layer adiabatic structure that makes it feasible to freeze biological samples in liquid nitrogen.

And what are liquid nitrogen containers made of?

According to manufacturing materials, liquid nitrogen containers can be divided into two categories, which are made of aviation aluminum alloy and 304 stainless steel!

A liquid nitrogen container made of aircraft aluminum, called a liquid nitrogen tank, is an atmospheric pressure open-top tank used for liquid nitrogen and sample storage.

Consider biological samples, such as livestock frozen semen has a certain corrosive; and laboratory, research institutions and other places to preserve the sample sometimes need to move, and therefore choose aviation aluminum, high strength but light quality, portable and easy to use, better insulation performance.

Liquid nitrogen containers made of 304 stainless steel, both self-pressurizing liquid nitrogen tanks and biological sample storage tanks!

Self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tanks for liquid nitrogen transfer, liquid nitrogen replenishment use, no sample storage, more consideration for weight-bearing liquid nitrogen.

Biological sample storage tanks, used for large quantities of biological samples freezing and storage, the internal space is large, can accommodate the number of freezing tubes, wheat tubes, blood bags, etc. to ten thousand, the same consideration for the production of material weight, there is corrosion resistance, but also to good cleaning, so choose stainless steel.

From a comprehensive point of view, the materials used to make liquid nitrogen containers are selected with reference to the use scenario and the convenience of the user, and the more suitable one is chosen from all the materials that can be used to make liquid nitrogen containers.

What are liquid nitrogen containers made of