What if the supply pressure of the liquid nitrogen supply tank is insufficient?

2022-09-14 10:21:53

The container used for liquid nitrogen replenishment is called “liquid nitrogen supply tank“, also called self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank!

It is a kind of container that can deliver liquid nitrogen by increasing pressure.

Although it has a similar principle to the liquid nitrogen pump, it relies on itself for both pressurization and infusion.

Comes with its own liquid nitrogen, internal replenishment, to better ensure the purity of liquid nitrogen!

The output of liquid nitrogen from the liquid nitrogen supply tank needs to reach a certain pressure value, and it is difficult to output liquid nitrogen continuously and uninterruptedly without sufficient pressure.

Therefore, to ensure efficiency, the pressure is generally adjusted to ≥ 0.05 MPa!

However, what should I do if I find that the pressure of the liquid nitrogen supply tank is not enough to output liquid nitrogen during use?

The correct method is: adjust the booster valve to raise the pressure to ≥ 0.05 MPa!

That is, when the pressure is found to be insufficient, continue the action at the beginning, twist the booster valve clockwise, and at the same time observe the pressure gauge until the needle in the gauge points to more than 0.05MPa!

Note: The booster valve is open but the pressure is not enough, indicating that it is close to the standard value of 0.05MPa, just a little twist some to achieve the purpose, do not quickly open the booster valve, resulting in pressure close to 0.09MPa, the safety valve to start the pressure relief “warning”.

In general, the pressure adjustment of the liquid nitrogen supply tank requires a booster valve with a pressure gauge!

What if the supply pressure of the liquid nitrogen supply tank is insufficient