What are the parts of the liquid nitrogen tank?

2022-05-06 09:49:05

Everyone is familiar with the liquid nitrogen tank. It is a low-temperature storage tank. In addition to storing liquid nitrogen and biological samples, it can also be used for cold treatment of industrial materials and deep processing of metal parts.

These functions are determined by its structure. What are the components of the liquid nitrogen tank?

Components of a liquid nitrogen tank:


There are also many people who call it the outer bladder, which is the white shell we can see with the top of the can./p>

2. Liner

The interlayer space is formed together with the shell, and the material is hollow aluminum alloy, which is corrosion-resistant and strong.

3.Inner groove

That is, the space in the inner tank, with a base at the bottom for fixing the lifting cylinder, and liquid nitrogen and samples are stored in the inner tank.


The space between the outer shell and the inner tank is in a vacuum state and is filled with thermal insulation materials and adsorbents.

The purpose of vacuuming is to increase the thermal insulation performance of the liquid nitrogen tank, and the same is true for thermal insulation materials and adsorbents.

5.Neck canal

Made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, it connects the inner and outer layers and has a certain length.

The interlayer around the neck tube is equipped with adsorbent, and the neck opening is specially designed to leave pores that can discharge liquid nitrogen evaporated gas, and has good thermal insulation performance, which can reduce the amount of liquid nitrogen vaporization.

6.Cap plug

The cover plug is made of insulating polyurethane foam, which has good thermal insulation performance, which can prevent the evaporation of liquid nitrogen and fix the handle of the carrying cylinder at the same time.

7.Carrying drum

Tianchi liquid nitrogen tank comes standard with 3 lifting cylinders, which can be placed in the inner tank to store frozen fine tubes, and the handle of the lifting cylinder can be hung on the neck of the liquid nitrogen container.

8.Lock cover

Located at the top of the liquid nitrogen storage tank, it is individually numbered and can be locked to prevent sample loss.

What are the parts of the liquid nitrogen tank