How to distinguish the size of liquid nitrogen canisters

2022-09-21 10:17:27

The number of samples varies, and so does the size of the liquid nitrogen canister used.

For example, for livestock frozen semen, 700 fine tubes and 2,000 fine tubes for liquid nitrogen tanks are certainly not the same.

Choosing the right liquid nitrogen tank for your sample quantity will also reduce liquid nitrogen consumption based on good freezing.

Next, we will teach you how to distinguish the size of the liquid nitrogen canister?

Method 1: Look at the label

Branded liquid nitrogen tanks come with a label, which includes the brand and model.

Here involves a liquid nitrogen tank naming knowledge, YDS + capacity + caliber, YDS is the abbreviation of liquid nitrogen container, followed by capacity and caliber, such as YDS-30-125, is 30 liters of 125mm caliber liquid nitrogen tank, the general 50mm caliber default is not written, such as 10 liters of 50mm caliber, the name is YDS-10.

Different capacities are suitable for different numbers of samples, and the caliber affects whether the sample is easy to take and how the liquid nitrogen is consumed.

Method 2: Look at the caliber

There are 4 types of liquid nitrogen canister calibers, namely 50mm, 80mm, 125mm and 210mm.

50mm, 80mm, 125mm, matched with liquid nitrogen tanks of up to 35 liters, used for animal husbandry.

210mm large diameter liquid nitrogen canisters with a capacity of 35 liters or more, which are used more in laboratories.

There are also transportable liquid nitrogen tanks with a uniform diameter of 50mm, because the loss of liquid nitrogen will increase due to bumpy transportation, and the small diameter can reduce some losses.

The method of distinguishing the size of the liquid nitrogen tank is very simple. Once you learn it, you will have the direction to choose the liquid nitrogen canister, and then you can choose the right model according to the number of samples.

How to distinguish the size of liquid nitrogen canisters