What are the advantages of a vapor phase liquid nitrogen storage system?

2022-09-26 09:40:57

Liquid nitrogen tanks for cryogenic storage can be divided into two main categories: liquid-phase systems and gas-phase freezing systems.

The liquid phase system is more common and familiar, that is, the sample is immersed in liquid nitrogen, and most of them are used in this way within livestock and laboratories.

Gas phase storage system, sample and liquid nitrogen independent storage, more suitable for long-term static storage of large quantities of samples.

Here, we talk about the advantages of vapor phase liquid nitrogen storage systems.

1.Safer samples

The vapor phase liquid nitrogen system will manage the liquid nitrogen and the sample in partitions, with the sample on top of the liquid nitrogen and trays separating them.

This compartmentalized design allows the sample storage area to be free of liquid nitrogen, and the sample will not fall into the liquid nitrogen area and still remain cold.

It also avoids the risk of sample integrity being compromised and bursting due to poorly sealed lyophilization tubes with liquid nitrogen intrusion.

2.More uniform and stable temperature

Vapor phase liquid nitrogen storage system, liquid nitrogen storage bottom is equipped with an evaporator, when the liner needs low temperature, open the evaporator liquid nitrogen vaporization and thus rise, just to fill up the sample storage area.

Although it is not -196℃ liquid nitrogen low temperature, it is uniform and stable -150~-190℃ low temperature, which is enough for samples, because it has intelligent temperature control and liquid nitrogen dispersion technology.

Important is its open cap temperature stability, which remains below -150°C for 48 hours after opening the cap.

Even if the liquid nitrogen supply is cut off, as long as the lid is not opened, it can still maintain a low temperature enough for samples for 7~20 days!

vapor phase liquid nitrogen storage system