Analysis of the reasons why liquid nitrogen freezers can store cells for a long time

2022-09-16 10:13:22

Consensus on the use of liquid nitrogen tanks:

The liquid nitrogen tank model corresponding to the different number of samples is different;

Now I have to add another one. The number of samples is different, and the type of liquid nitrogen tank can also be different!

Static storage of cells is an example. For long-term cryopreservation in large batches, it is better to use liquid nitrogen freezers in conventional liquid nitrogen tanks!

There are 4 reasons why a liquid nitrogen freezer can store cell samples for a long time:

1. The temperature is uniform and stable

Among all kinds of samples that are susceptible to temperature fluctuations, cells must be at the forefront!

Therefore, when storing cells, it is necessary to ensure that the ambient temperature is stable and uniform for a long time!

liquid nitrogen freezers use electronic temperature control, combined with liquid nitrogen dispersion technology, to ensure intelligent cooling and stable constant temperature process.

2. Gas phase mode safety

The safety of cryopreservation in gas phase mode is that it is not easy to burst tubes and cross contamination.

Because liquid nitrogen freezers implement liquid nitrogen and samples are stored separately, cells do not need to be immersed in liquid nitrogen, and there is no problem of liquid nitrogen entering a poorly sealed cryovial, so naturally there will be no tube burst or cross-contamination.

3. It is convenient to add liquid nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen freezers are fully automatic for filling with liquid nitrogen, and can be done with a liquid nitrogen replenishment tank + pre-set rehydration value.

The user only needs to set the rehydration height and stop rehydration height in the management system, and the system will control the rehydration and stop of the rehydration by itself.

4. Simple cell management

Or because liquid nitrogen freezers have an intelligent monitoring management system.

In addition to controlling automatic rehydration, the system can also perform sample management, record data, events, etc., and automatically alarm for abnormalities.

Liquid nitrogen freezers consider the needs of cells in many aspects, and are more suitable for long-term cryopreservation of cells!

liquid nitrogen freezers can store cells for a long time